Linking Online Gambling to Disordered Gambling

Online Gambling

The advent of the Internet has changed the way people gamble. It offers faster access, greater value for money, and more betting options. However, there is concern that internet gambling may also be linked to a higher rate of disordered gambling. In order to address this issue, research should consider how to integrate Internet gambling behavior with offline gambling.

Several studies have examined the link between problem gambling and the Internet. Among those who have problems, nearly half attributed the issue to online gambling. Others attribute the problem to land-based forms of gambling.

Although the problem is widespread, there are few empirical findings that can directly connect internet gambling to the disorder. Most studies have focused on cross-sectional surveys. A comprehensive literature review is necessary to identify significant trends and provide an overview of the current research. This paper highlights some of the new findings on adult Internet gambling addiction.

During a 15-year period, the availability of Internet gambling has changed the gambling landscape. There is a growing number of jurisdictions that have legalized or regulated Internet gambling. These jurisdictions recognize the benefits of regulation. However, the presence of an interstate element impedes enforcement of state law.

State officials have expressed concerns that Internet gambling can be used to introduce illegal gambling into their jurisdictions. To address this issue, federal prosecutors warned PayPal that it could face prosecution. They have also prohibited financial institutions from accepting financial instruments from unlawful Internet bets.