SBOBET is a well established bookmaker with competitive sports betting odds, a large selection of live wagering options and top quality customer care. They also offer a number of payment methods which are accepted globally. This gives you the flexibility to bet in your preferred currency without worrying about exchange rates.

Aside from the main football markets, SBOBET also offers an extensive range of other sports and casino games. Their poker section is particularly popular and can earn you substantial amounts of cash. However, this does not come without risk and you should only wager money that you can afford to lose.

Getting started with Sbobet is easy enough. Once you have signed up for an account, you will need to provide personal details including your name and address to verify your identity. You will then need to provide a log in name and password. In addition, you will be required to answer a security question.

After this, you can deposit funds and begin placing bets. The website is very user friendly and you can access it from any device, such as your ipad or mobile phone. You can even make multiple bets from one device!

Sbobet has a more customisable interface than other bookmakers. The betting slip is highly functional and allows you to automatically accept higher odds should they change before your bet is processed. It can also be customised to display the minimum and maximum accepted stakes for each selection, which helps to avoid the disappointment of setting up numerous strategic bets only to discover that some bets are outside your acceptable limits.