Casino – A Movie Review

While there are countless studies and arguments on the pros and cons of casinos, there is no denying that they bring in huge amounts of money for their host cities. They usually generate tax revenues and create jobs, making them a win-win situation for most cities. They are also known to offer a number of benefits for their local communities, such as providing social and economic opportunities.

They provide an exciting and fun atmosphere where people can let loose and enjoy themselves. Their flashy decor, upbeat music and dazzling lights attract people who want to try their luck at games like blackjack and roulette. Some casinos have restaurants, spas and other entertainment options that make them even more attractive. They are often located in urban centers and have a high level of security and safety.

The movie’s central theme is greed and corruption, but it also depicts human tragedy. Unlike many other movies, there are no good guys; every key character is mired in violence and treachery. Despite this, it is hard not to feel for them at times. Sharon Stone’s performance is particularly moving. Her character, Ginger, is both a mirror of and an inversion of Basic Instinct’s Catherine Tramell. Her endless energy and ability to seduce men is both admirable and unrelenting.

Casino is a liminal movie, situated not between Victoriannism and Modernism but between organized crime and big business. It depicts the rough blur of wise-guy street life and reveals its foibles while simultaneously expressing skepticism about what will replace it.